Green Roofs for the West 2011

Green Roofs: Green Infrastructure
DENVER—The third annual Green Roofs for the West Symposium will take place at Denver Botanic Gardens on June 16 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. This forward-thinking and informative event will spotlight innovative ways green roofs are leading us to a future of more sustainable cities in the challenging climate of the West. It is co-hosted by the Gardens, U.S. Green Building Council, the University of Colorado and Colorado State University.
The Symposium will feature a full day of in-depth sessions, presented by leading green roof experts and designers who will address green infrastructure and how green roofs fit into sustainable urban, suburban and regional planning. The event will feature a trade show featuring a variety of businesses that cater to the needs of green industry professionals.

The Symposium will be followed on Friday, June 17 by a half-day workshop on Green Infrastructure and Water. (Separate registration).

Workshop Description: As we restore healthy ecosystem functions to urban/suburban landscapes, water is key. This workshop will provide knowledge you can use to successfully integrate urban storm water/rainwater harvesting into your Green Infrastructure projects. This workshop will combine technical information on LID/GI strategies for urban storm water management with experience gleaned from extensive design and installation of rainwater harvesting projects and green roofs, primarily in Denver and the southwest.

Advanced Green Roof Maintenance Course

June 15, 2011, Denver Botanic Gardens

Advanced Green Roof Maintenance is a half-day course created to assist designers, landscape contractors, building owners, facility managers, roofing consultants, roofing contractors, and Green Roof Professionals (GRPs) with an important but often overlooked aspect of green roofs: maintenance. This course examines design phase considerations; best practices for planning, budgeting, and implementing maintenance procedures; and approaches for rehabilitating green roofs that have been subject to maintenance neglect. Learn how to develop maintenance plans, contracts, and inspection reports that work in concert with warranty requirements. Includes a 100-page manual with detailed case studies.

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What is Green Roofing?

Basically, greenroofs are vegetated roof covers, with growing media and plants taking the place of bare membrane, gravel ballast, shingles or tiles. The number of layers and the layer placement vary from system to system and greenroof type, but at the very least all greenroofs include a single to multi-ply waterproofing layer, drainage, growing media and the plants, covering the entire roof deck surface. There are two main types of greenroofs – extensive or intensive - although a greenroof is often designed with features of both and then are referred to as either semi-extensive or semi-intensive.


Design Guidelines and Maintenance Manual:
Green Roofs in the Semi-Arid and Arid West

A green roof is a living layer that holds the opportunity for discovery, absorption, filtration, release, decay and renewal. It has the ability to hide, to produce, to provide for respite, and to participate in changing culture over time. It is a layer in the urban context that often goes unnoticed as it carries out extremely important functions partaking in the circle of life.

The importances of living systems at different scales are closely interconnected. At an individual/personal scale, studies have show that we seem to be better balanced physically and psychologically, when we are aligned with our environment

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